2013 Dugmores YWAm regional trip to namibia

Our YWAM ‘south central’ Regional family spans a vast amount of land with countries including Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi & Mozambique. We aim to gather together every 2 years, to encourage, exhort, build relationships and hear good things that God has been doing across our region. This year the conference was hosted by YWAM Angola, and held on the border of Angola in Namibia. Daniel’s plan was to travel with a family of Mozambican YWAMers. Unfortunately a tragic death in their family meant that they were unable to come, and we made a last minute decision to travel by car there as a family.

Though the trip was not quite filled with teasing trolls or defeating dragons like Bilbo Baggins adventures it still felt quite an epic road trip, with poor Ben getting travel sickness a few hours into the journey, border crossings, nights spent travelling through Zambia, passing victoria falls, driving past elephants, an incredibly patient baby girl and a total of 5,000kms round trip.

This is the first time we’ve been able to make it to the gathering, and I especially enjoyed meeting YWAMers from Angola, hearing fresh vision of what God is doing in YWAM worldwide, and staying at the YWAM bases in Livingstone and Lusaka on the way home where Daniel was able to help build websites for their bases, and we had wonderful fun and fellowship.

It sounds like the next one will be held in Zimbabwe, and we are hoping that by then, everyone on our base will have passports (they take a long time to process here) and our whole base will be able to pile into ‘Shamah’ the big red truck and our family here can meet their wider YWAM family.

Love is in the air

There is romance at YWAM Blantyre, and babies babies. We had our first staff wedding last week with Mphatso and Ali becoming man and wife on the 31st August. Another couple have said they hope to marry in a year, 3 other couples are seriously discussing with their new girl or boy friend’s if this could be their match. Emma and Calen are expecting next year and Andrew and Anna had a baby just a couple of months ago. Love Babies and Marrage but not in that order.

News Staff and Old staff, comings and goings.

We have been blessed with some new additions to our staff team, Eliot and Subina size who we have worked with for many years have now joined full time to lead the work in Ntaja which is leaping forward with many ministries and building onto phase 2 now. A young evangelist called Sungunani has joined us and after finishing the well drilling seminar will join the DTS staff from the next DTS. Benito Scales a student from the first DTS has returned to focus on kids work and again staff the next DTS. Dina a real blessing and a graduate from a base in South Africa has joined us to help with the DTS. We will be having some friends leave as well with Andrew and Anna feeling called to South Africa to focus on Andrew’s music a DTS there and their baby Girl. As a community we will be sad to see them go but rejoicing to see them do what God has called

them to do. Raphael and Ester joined us then we sent them off to Northern Kenya to an unreached tribe there, sadly their visas have not yet arrived so they have returned to help staff the next DTS. Finally Mike and Eluby Fred have joined us another couple form the old YWAM work in the area. Mike has come with such a servant heart and it is great to have mature missionaries in our midst. This is something we pray for, we don’t just want to be young people from one place or theology, we don’t want a team made up only of passionate young yes men. No, what we pray Gods sends us is variety, as we want to see in our community; the nations, the denominations, the young the old, women and men, every continent, every color every generation together seeking God and expressing Him to those in need!

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