After robbery at the base

Hi Friends. We need your prayers and help!

Just a few days to go before our DTS starts with 18 students from 5 nations arriving to start training with us. This feels like a significant battle which is exciting but intense, we believe that when there is no resistance from the enemy you are not in the battle, but when you are working with Jesus to move his kingdom forward there will be resistance and shakings and we are seeing a lot of shaking! Last week we had a robbery when the staff were off base, 5 computers, mattresses, curtains, cloths etc. We have had workers injured like one night guard hit by a minibus. The water and electricity have been off almost all of the last 2 weeks which will be a big problem when the base has 40 people soon living together unable to flush the toilet. Last month both our laptops broke while we were holding a regional communication seminar to try and get this part of Africa’s YWAM bases on the web. The month before we had all our tools stolen and a large amount of cash. Financially there is a real stretch with the things we have to replace because of the robbery and all these difficulties. Friends please pray! Please storm the heavens for us. Storm the heavens in faith that this shaking is happening because a breakthrough is coming and the enemy is trying to resist this. The breakthrough is coming it is close! We just need to press in together and pray! Let your kingdom come in this situation Lord, here on earth as it is in heaven!

Also friends please can you consider giving to help us replace what has been broken and robbed, to replace the computers, tools, mattresses cloths and curtains etc, repair laptops, help staff in hospital & recovering, to cover the overtime for security staff as they close the door to further robbery, We need £6900. Please help friends this is our hour of need so that we can be ready for the next season of training and releasing laborers into the mission field. Please prayerfully consider giving, your prayers and giving in this moment will tear down this attack of the enemy and launch us forward. Some battles we can overcome here as we pray and seek Him, others we need the body to stand with us, please stand with us as we can overcome together.

Please pray for the DTS Students & Staff

Name Last Name Country
1. John Banda Malawi
2. Mike Bande Malawi
3. Thandizo Dzimbiri Malawi
4. Andries Erwee South Africa
5. Brooklyn Falk Canada
6. Bryony Gillingham England
7. Kristy Hugill Canada
8. Gift Kamisa Malawi
9. Wallen Kanyenda Malawi
10. James Kawonga Malawi
11. Andrew Lucius Malawi
12. Anne Luginbuhl Switzerland
13. Thandikire Mbekeani Malawi
14. Gertrude Mbweza Malawi
15. Stephen Ndeule Malawi
16. Felix Nkhalamba Malawi
17. Godfrey Phiri Malawi
18. Lydia Scheuss Switzerland
19. Wycliff Tsikundawohis Malawi
DTS Staff
1. Patrick Chipanda Malawi
2. Calen Falk Canada
3. Emma Falk Canada
4. Ali Kadinde Malawi
5. Dina Kaligomba Malawi
6. Sunganani Naziyaya Malawi
7. Benito Scale Malawi
8. Esther Zamakwecha Malawi
9. Raphael Zamakwecha Malawi

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