Homeless in faith

Homeless in faith

It must be 8 years ago now, one new years eve as suzy and I were prophesying over each other to welcome the new year, we received a scripture, Genesis 12.1″The Lord said to Abram, “Leave your country, your relatives, and your father’s home, and go to a land that I am going to show you.”. We knew that this was Gods word to us, and so in faith gave notice on our jobs, gave away all our furniture and prepared for him to take us to the nations, It was scary as we had no money to be able to go but we had His word and as we put our faith in Him, He lead us and provided. We have heard that call again as a community at YWAM Blantyre, not to leave the country but to leave our comfortable houses we have rented for 3 years and enter into the promised land. We have felt God was saying this for the past year but have not been able to find a better place to go to. Eventually as we prayed we believed God has said that we must come out of Egypt before we can go into our promised land. So we have left in faith giving our notice a month ago to the Landlords of the two


properties. When I look at our situation with 40+ people under my care and soon homeless in faith, two houses of possessions, beds, tables, classroom setups, cookers and so much more fear starts to touch my heart. But then I feel God’s word strengthen me, We do not walk by sight, by the situations and circumstances that we observe, but by faith: faith in who our Father is and faith that what He has said to us He will do. He has said that we are entering into the promised land for YWAM here. He has said that this is our time to possess the Land and stop being travellers in it. He has said that this land will be a restoration of the years the locust has eaten for YWAM in Malawi. He has said that we will take the land together as a united Malawian and International community. Please pray with us friends that we would enter in to what He has asked us to take hold of in faith!


7 weeks into the DTS and I can’t get over how quickly the time is passing and how much has happened in such a short period of time. Life has continued with it’s various challenges and wonders, water has continued to be sporadic and we have eventually resorted to a new system of water organization and hand digging a pump in the vegetable garden, and a makeshift latrine to keep the base functioning when the water board is not.

Praising God after break in’s

Shortly after our last newsletter, we had another break-in, this time at 9:30 pm where men came into the lounge and personal laptops/iphones were snatched from peoples hands. Daniel and Calen ended up fending off 4 men with Machetes with wooden chairs. Daniel’s focus was shifted firmly to security for at least a couple of weeks after this incident, involving police, adding security doors inside the ladies dorms, hiring extra night guards, installing alarms, creating a plan of action for those on the base in the event of a robbery, welding metal cages for computers (!), processing emotionally with staff, parents, and so on. As a community we faced shock together, and fear, and learned again about praising and trusting God in all circumstances.

We know that God is working all things for Good for those who love him. But how can he use for Good armed robbers breaking in and stealing 6 base computers? As a community we felt through this robbery God was inviting us to seek after Him whole heartedly and turn from sin and other things we love more than Jesus. The conviction and blessing that was released was amazing, people came free from sin that had been plaguing them for years, He used it and then he provided money to buy other computers and metal frames to secure them, thank you God and thank you friends for your giving! But 3 students laptops were taken and still not replaced, how can He use that? One student who had a laptop stolen said she is closer to Jesus now than ever before. She said she was constantly on face book and this gave her no time for Jesus. She says she would prefer to have Jesus than her laptop! What about the trauma of having armed men in your home? Through this we have come closer to one another, as a community standing together and caring for each other, our national leader Estie Mellet came to visit and through her care we have drawn closer to her through this hard time. I felt traumatized and separated from the Malawian culture, at the end of myself and close to despair, in that place of weakness I asked my staff for help and my Malawian brothers and sisters have reached out to me in love, I feel that we are becoming more and more united and working as a team more and more. God truly is working all things for the good of those who love him. Thank you for your giving and your prayers that has helped turn this disaster zone into a place of blessing and encounter where hearts are experiencing revival of love for Jesus.

Justice DTS 2013

The DTS is going so well with 18 students diving into Gods will and desire together. The DTS is running so well because of 7 awesome staff lead by Calen and Emma Falk. I think that the journey so far has been best described by Emma in their blog. i would encourage you to read the whole thing, here it is…

In the first week… 25 of us looked at each other. Mostly strangers, soon to be friends, co-adventurers, embarking on a journey together.

As we settled into new rooms, new routines, new lives, we spent the evenings hearing each other’s stories. Tell me about your life, where you’ve come from, where you’re going. Jump into honesty, into openness, into being real together; don’t let yourself hide. Let’s walk together. Let’s challenge each other. What are you here for?

Our mornings in the classroom tent were full of encouragements into intimacy with God. He speaks to you! What is He saying? Share with us.

Calen and I learned some of the exhaustions of being leaders, of the constant questions and decisions, of the tensions of trying not to lead in an authoritarian manner within a culture that expects that of leaders.

In the second week…….. read the rest

Ntaja outreach center

I am so excited about this project and what God is doing there. Each time I speak to Him about our work He says He is so excited about Ntaja and the work of Eliot and Subina Size amongst the muslims. The building work is going well with the roof going onto the second buildings next week. It is really astounding what can be done for £4500 in the right hands. We have bought 3/4 of an acre, bamboo fenced it, dug a well and built a washing area, installed latrines, built a living and accommodation block that (when God provides the beds) will have space for 24 singles and 2 small families in their own homes. Well done Eliot and Subina they have done something awesome as you have cooperated with God! But really the most exciting is the ministries that are growing out of this base. The youth and kids ministries come 2 or 3 times a week, and the older ones are joining us to go and serve at the hospital weekly. The number of pastors coming for the training times is growing with pastors that have not been joining the pastors fraternal coming along from new denominations. The bar ministry to prostitutes is said to be a challenge to the local church who said they have not been doing anything to reach out like this. In Malawi, christians often struggle to reach out to the broken because the church community values good reputation a bit too much. Please pray that this project keeps being effective and Gods will is done in Ntaja.

Mankhamba HIV support centre

Big news from mankhmaba is that the foundations are now in and we have 18,000 bricks made ready for building, also we have run out of money to pay the builders to start. Not having loads of money is also an advantage, Patrick Malizani organized a fund raiser, seeing there was a need for the HIV support group and no cash to help. Together the HIV support group have rented a field and will plant maize to help individual HIV sufferers if they have a sick spell over the next year that is debilitating.

Pastors conferences

We have been privileged to have some great speakers come for the DTS and some of them have agreed to stay longer to train local pastors. Pete Game came for an extra 11 days and amazingly squeezed in 3 conferences training almost 200 church leaders with 70 overseers from a network of 700 churches gathering at one orphanage and 90 pastors squeezing into one church in Bangwe. He also funded the translation and printing of his foundational teaching for believers a book that is now very much in demand. Thank you for everybody who gave to make these conferences and printing possible. Ed Ravenhall trained the pastors at our Islamic outreach centre which they were very grateful for as we saw more denominations united than ever before. I continue to be surprised and blessed at the grace of God on our team to gather pastors from across the breadth of denominations, we are one body His awesome bride!


God is so faithful to reach out to the lost and sick. The DTS students were out last weekend serving at a conference for youth, women and pastors where they also showed the Jesus film in two Islamic villages where we know pastors. I love to see them come back rejoicing each one of the 18 with testimonies of how God has used them to heal the sick and stories of Muslims born again into our beautiful Christ’s kingdom of Love. Please pray we would stay faithful to our calling of supporting the local church with healing evangelism while still pushing our discipleship programs forward.

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