New home for YWAM Blantyre?

We believe this is the new home for YWAM Blantyre?

So almost 2 months ago we felt directed by God as a community to leave the properties we have been living at for 3 years because He had something better for us. With only a few weeks to go until our time to move we believe we have found the right place for YWAM in Blantyre.

It is a property of 2.5 acres on the outskirts of the city with a cement wall surrounding it, 2 cottages and large office / work shops that we could quickly convert into dormitories for now and be used as classrooms in the long term. It even has a small swimming pool and a summer house we can use as our community kitchen or meeting room. We have put pictures of the place on facebook.

2 cottages already built

Pool, showers, toilets & summer house

a beautifully built meeting hall

a big covered area and workshops

We expect the property to cost about $100,000 usd and we have put in an offer to the estate agent. We are greatly craving your prayers and any words you are hearing from God with regards to moving forwards into purchasing this land. Please pray and ask God with us. More pictures of the place here.

We are also waiting to hear back from the Registrar General as we are in the process of registering the trust we could buy this land under. The paperwork is due to be approved and handed over this week. Please pray for favour and that there will be no delays. More pictures of the place here.

The well has a solar pump and panels so no water bills! Yay

We would love the property to be self sufficient over time and with the veg gardens, well, solar water pump and if we add solar lighting and some fields for crops this is a real possibility. One step closer to the outworking of our vision to set up a self sustaining Prayer and Missions base during our time in Malawi.

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