sept 2013 projects & reports

YWAM Blantyre Training Centre

Part of the Vision of our community is to be a training centre and we are doing this together with the University of the Nations (UofN) which is the training arm of YWAM. The Discipleship Training School we run is registered with the UofN and the first step into staff or a degree and many other options. We have started 4 new seminars on the base 2 of them registered for the first time with the UofN and so also new seminars for their University catalogue. Here is a run down about the new training courses

Well Drilling and Pump Technology Seminar

This seminar is running now and the first village has a well, before they only had water when the women and children walked for miles to collect it. We are doing this school together with robins song a charity that helps provide water and Francisco the base leader of YWAM vilanculos. Please hold them up in your prayers as they are drilling in an Islamic village right now to provide water and show or Fathers awesome love. find out more about the seminar here

Water Technology Seminar

This seminar complimented the well drilling seminar and focused on how to provide water where it was impossible to drill a well. The team built a 17.5 thousand liter water tank in the mountain village of mankhamba where Patrick M has his HIV and youth ministry center. find out more baout the seminar here.

HIV & AIDs training seminar

We ran this school together with the Continental coordinator of HIV YWAM ministry in Africa Kate Murmar. It was an informative time, and some of our staff are taking what they learned into the areas they minister especially Patrick Malisani who’s HIV support group in mankhmba is flourishing with the ladies working together to support those who are the most sick. for more about YWAMs HIV responce on the new WWW.HIV,YWAM.CO we built here.

Web Design Seminar

This is part of the YWAM Free Web service we have launched to try and have YWAM bases get their own website and tell the world the good things God is doing at their locations. Some people have asked for some help getting their sites made and for these we bring them together for 2 week intensive study and they build their own sites. Her are some built by the students and those using our free service. They are simple sites but communicate clearly what God is doing. more about the seminar here.

Upcoming Diary Dates and Events to pray for

Justice DTS – Sept 22

(Discipleship training School) starts Sept 22nd with 18 students from 6 nations arriving to joining the community for 6 months

Bens Birthday Sept 11

Yes he will be 4 years old on Wednesday and He is planning a party!

New Trust Registration

We have been working hard on a new constitution for the work we are doing in Malawi under the YWAM Banner. We are almost done, please pray it gets government approval!

Moving House – ASAP

We originally felt that we would be in this house for 3 years which is up at the end of December. We need a bigger place with 3 or 4 houses on one property. Please pray wee find the right place and our leaving these places is easy.

Web Design Seminar

We will be running another this year for other ministries and bases in this region. Pray for the right people to be here and God it give a voice to those who have His good news to tell, the Good news of what He is doing today!

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