6 months of building

A time to build.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens….

This has been our season to build and build and build some more. It has been a season to build physically on our new base property. In the last 5 month we have added 667 square meters of extra accommodation, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and meeting rooms. We have had up to 30 builders on site each day who have laid more than 200 thousand bricks, collected and mixed 13 tons of cement in five

hundred 25kg sacks, installed 37 windows, hung 28 doors, connected 3 hot water heaters, 27 taps, 6 showers, 7 toilets, 2 urinals, 7 basins, wired 67 light fittings, 39 light switches, 44 double power sockets. view the building designs here.

It has been a season to build spiritually with our first 4 teams being hosted in the accommodation of YWAM Blantre prayer and missions base. 45 people from I think 18 different nations have come to visit and serve with us in these months. Now that we have our own permanent location we were so excited to start building ministries here, the visitors helped us start 2 new ministries with 2 more in the pipeline. It has been a season of pioneering where our awesome staff would be painting walls in the morning, running kids ministry in the afternoon and then the next day setting off to the bush with visitors to minister to orphans and in churches.

The pioneering spirit has meant visitors moved into rooms to sleep with cement walls still running with water as they cured, where you have to screw the toilet role holder to the wall before you can use the toilet while the plumber is waiting outside to follow you in and fix the innumerable leaks, a season of laughter as we try and cater for 30 people from a cottage kitchen each day and where each evening the power overloads and cuts out as we wait and wait for the electricity board to come and give us 4 extra distribution boards. Building ministry and building physically we feel like the workers on the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah with a sward in one hand as they lifted the rocks into place to build the Kingdom. One column below I have dedicated to physical building and the other spiritual.

Building Bethlehem stables

When we moved here we found a work shop with a low roof about 30x19m in size. We decided that with this humble beginning we could build a base, constructing internal walls and adding on to 3 sides with extensions, we have made what will in the end be the main admin, storage, classroom, cooking and eating areas. For now, store rooms have become staff bedrooms, classrooms and offices are dormitories. We affectionately call it Bethlehem stables because we know that God can make great things start from humble beginnings. This main building now has 15 rooms all together that we have managed to squeeze 29 people into recently. see bethlehem stables construction picture

Property loan repayments

This is us with our land ownership certificate, praise God! We are almost 6 months into our first years repayment plans. So far about £7,000 pounds raised and £13,000 to go before the end of the year. December end is when our first £20,000 interest free loan needs to be repaid, so this next 6 months this is going to become a major focus for us. This first half of the year, our primary goal has had to be building enough so that we can host the teams who have come and soon run our DTS in September 2014. Praise God this initial building phase is drawing to a close, and honestly it has to, because all the money that we will have over this next 6 months, plus some more that you might have, will now be needed to pay back what we borrowed. Find out how to give on our website.

Peace cottage extension

This was a one room cottage with toilet and kitchen. We added 2 bedrooms on the porch and used the kitchen for a time as the office and cooking for all of us, now it caters for up to 30 people until we have finished the base kitchen next month. Our amazing Christian building contractor Justin Mapemba managed to make these rooms ready for us in just over a month, just about in time for our staff to come back from holidays and popping out babies to move in. see the extension building plans

Bethel cottage Building

We have prayed for many years for us to have all the generations on the base, knowing that a ministry of just youth even one called youth with a mission is not a balanced ministry. We have been blessed that God sent Sheila Aitken, a mature saint, to be with us and she has paid 5 years rent in advance so we could build a cottage for her in the back woods. The building just jumped up in 10 weeks you can see it in the construction process pictures

Shayundi Cottage Construction

Emma and Calen Falk returning with baby in arms also raised funds to pay rent for years in to the future and build Holy Spirit soaked accommodation opposite Bethel cottage in the back woods lot. This place has just sprung up to almost completion in the last 10 weeks. The high ceilings and walls of windows will make this a lovely home. The Falk’s and Sheila’s willingness to build for themselves now by paying years of rent in advance is wonderfully generous. It honestly means they are gifting these homes to the work of God through YWAM in Malawi in the future. This is a vision coming into being as we believe God called us here to establish a self-sustaining prayer and missions base for Generations of YWAM to come. Rentable houses will bring income and homes on base for the staff helping to give this base a fighting chance in the future. pictures of the construction journey for this house

Mankhamba Outreach centre

Our friends from Canada formally known as Calen and Emmas church, came with a vision to sow into the HIV and Youth outreach centre in Mankhamba that Patrick Malizani is pioneering. This has meant that the structures here have made another giant leap forward with walls up and roofs on. When funds allow, we will finish plastering, lay floors and fit the windows and doors, soon we will be able to host teams and run ministry from this lovely place perched on the edge of a mountain ridge overlooking the shire river valley 1000m vertical drop below. more photos of the ministry and building in mankhamba

Base Outreach & Prayer Center

What a gift from God this property is to us, not only all this space for homes and training, but the front of the property came subdivided into a ½ acre of separately fenced land right against the main road. This is becoming our outreach centre where we have been hosting 70 kids in one ministry and a women’s conference of a similar number under the red canvas of our ageing tent. Our plans are for a House of prayer meeting hall, a small football pitch, community kitchen and toilets. For now we have pitched our tent, dug pit latrines and moved in a kids climbing frame with sea saws, swings and a slide. I have been amazed at how 30+ kids seem to manage to all fit at the same time on a play set that in the UK would have been used by just a few. We have to monitor it at each play time to make sure in does not disappear under the earths crust under the weight of the enthusiastic masses or simply crack apart at the seams. walk around the grounds with these pictures

Building Babies

Well it needs to be n the physical building section i think though he has a lovely little spirit as well. Callen and Emma have been growing their baby on the base, it is great to have more kids around. Hopefully Ali and Mphatso little baby Hannah will soon be visiting us to after maternity leave.

DTS graduation

Praise God for what He continues to do in the lives of our students from the last DTS. We graduated all 18 students and now, one has joined us on staff here another one joining our staff with us but out our centre in Ntaja, one has just started to apply to return on staff, one is going to staff at the base in Tanzania, one is working for a Malawian NGO focused on microfinance, one planning to go to Switzerland to do another school with YWAM, one seeking God on how he can be a godly businessman in Malawi, one starting a foundation to help street kids, and many going through the difficult process of continuing to be passionate about Jesus in their hometown. there have been so many good testimonies from this DTS, i always like the suddenlies of God like the Islamic grandma who was to sick to stand in her room but was healed and walked the team home, but my favorite has to be the lady the team visited each week to pray for her and saw her recover from her stroke and walking around the visit praising God. find Information about the next DTS starts sept 19th 2014

Kids ministry started on base

In the last 2 months the kids ministry has launched here in chugumula market where the base is located. The kids ministry is steadily growing and we will soon have to change the ministry style to one that works well for 70+ plus children. Ali Kadindi together with Charlene and Benito are leading the team who run this weekly ministry. We have a long history of running kids ministries and we are excited to see how these young ones grow and mature, some of our staff first joined YWAM many years ago in kids work programs.

Youth Ministry Begins

The youth ministry is just in its infancy with 8 or 9 regular young people coming each week to talk and build relationships. Your prayers would be appreciated as to how we should pitch these meetings and training and how the group can form together and become fruitful. I had envisioned a lively and large group of youth, but the smaller intimate group of young people meeting each week to go deep in God and relationship with each other as it has formed is clearly what is on Gods heart.

Women’s ministry & conference

One of the great graces on YWAM is to be able to gather women from many denominations and to facilitate them seeking God together in unity. This started with a Holy spirit fuelled womens conference run by the women of Black creak church from Canada and is soon settling into a regular group of women meeting to support each other. some more pics form our first women’s conference

Widows and Orphans Work

Many of our staff have a passion to help those most in need especially benito, he has become our champion for this work in our community. The vision of this will be to serve a small group of widows and orphans as he has in another community bringing practical help like house repairs, digging toilets and helping with uniforms. Alongside this home visits and meeting together to invest and nurture those that are most vulnerable around us. Please pray for this ministry as it starts to sprout into life as we must be so careful to bring support in the right way. Un-thought through giving can develop quickly a group of the most needy who have come for a hand out not a life giving and transformative relationship. We have also continued in the past months delivering maize to the orphans and HIV suport group, praise God form the 1 ton of maize we planted and harvested last year. You can be part of giving to those in need by donating through our website.

Black creak team form Canada

This was the first team from Calen & Emma’s Church and they came. We were so blessed by the team of eleven wonderful people who came all the way from Black Creek/Vancouver to join us for 10 days. Our base hosts quite a few teams, and they are (almost) always very helpful and energetic, but this team took it to another level – they put on an awesome Spirit-filled women’s conference, did tons of practical work around the base, raised money for a roof on our outreach centre in Mankhamba and helped build it, and really invested in our staff here. They were focused, thoughtful, flexible, cheerful, willing, and all other good things you could hope for in a visiting team. If you would like to bring a team to visit, then find out how to on our website, we would love you to come visit friends!

Hosting Tabea’s church

This team from germany came for a short stay but with a heart and a will to serve, for us as a base there were two big bonuses, one that our DTS student Dominick lead the team and Ben was over the moon to see him again. (come back Dom!) Also they in just a few days got the base ready for our first conference, they laid paths, cleared the field , set the tent, built the toilet and had it all ready for the 70 ladies.

Hosting Muizenberg DTS

This is the second year in a row we have had a team from Muizenberg in South Africa. The team came for 6 week this time and were the driving force behind the start of our kids and youth ministries on the base, painting a house, door to door, and so many testimonies. God never fails to heal when the teams go out and pray for the sick, but i think my favorite one from this team was a boy who was deaf and when he was healed just kept saying again and again i can hear i can hear. We love these teams coming, the young leaders always do a great job and they invest a lot in us as a base and those we work with. Thank yo to all the teams for coming! we love you!

Introducing New Staff

We have had a few new members of staff join recently, Charline from USA, Sheila from Canada, Godfree from Malawi, Gertrude from Malawi and some more maybe arriving soon. I would like to highlight one for you. Felix is an amazing man of God and a real asset to the ministry here. He wants to be full time but is still praying in faith for enough money to live and minster while he volunteers with no support at all. Please prayerfully consider supporting him as you read his bio.

Hi, my name is Felix Nkhalamba

. I am a Malawian 20 years of age. I have two younger sisters, my father is a police officer, and my mum is a housewife. I am a missionary serving with Youth With a Mission Blantyre here in Malawi. The Lord has put it in my heart to disciple other people. My heart longs to see people who are passionate for God, following the life of Jesus and not satisfied with church attendance, but hungering to live like our Master lived. Discipleship is a broad word but that’s the simplicity of it: following the example of Jesus. I have a hunger to see people really transformed by the power of the Cross and become new persons in Jesus, and for the church to live a holy life.
That’s an overview, so to say, of my calling, and what by the help of the Holy Spirit I am trying to accomplish serving with Youth With a Mission.
Currently We also run a Youth ministry at our property located in Chigamula which is discipleship-oriented, and I am part of the team leading that ministry. I will be most involved in schools ministry, in which we go and reach out mostly in secondary schools in assembly meetings and during break times, where we get to talk to them more freely. It’s challenging and rewarding to see young people changed with God’s power. Your support in prayer and finance is greatly appreciated. felix

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