and suddenly we are back in the uk

After struggles & joyful victories

Dear Friends & Family, we are back in the uk and hoping to see you in just a few days. We will be arriving in Eastbourne on the 7th of April – 21st of June, we are excited to reconnect and share the joys and battles of the past 2 years with you. This last season has been very stretching but with great victories. I often say that to see great victories we must fight great battles but honestly, we love celebrating the victories but don’t always manage to not struggle with the battles we face on the way. These past months have seen some of the greatest impacts and victories we have ever encountered but man I have been shaken by the strain of it, shaken but not destroyed, flooded with difficulties but not crushed. Jesus has held us through and now we are happy to come back to friends and family to recuperate and share the great things that the Lord has done for us and thank you for how your partnership and prayers have made this possible. see you really soon!
love and hugs
Daniel Suy Ben & Beth

Please contact us while we are in the UK on our new cell number 07481069885

Malawi floods & relief

Malawi in the beginning of this new year saw a flood of a magnitude that we have never seen before in this nation. 200,000 people were displaced and all around us and in the surrounding villages to our base we saw homes falling everywhere. In Chiwaya (where some of our staff are from) more than 100 homes fell in a village of less than 300 houses. We could feel this feeling of despair settle over the nation; hopelessness at the homes and loved ones lost as rivers washed so may away. A nearby neighbour’s house fell, crushing their baby: a time of loss and sorrow. But we found an opportunity for the gospel as we got to help people in a time of need. Our relief started with 80 families who’s homes had fallen receiving

food and plastic to make temporary shelters. This grew as we partnered with living stones church Blantyre who we are now leading in a group of elders. Another 240 packs of food and plastic, then 10 tons of emergency relief packs came from South Africa which we distributed where the floods had been most devastating. Finally we have started rebuilding homes, we have only the funding to help a few of the most vulnerable. Our first project was a crippled widow who had lost one side of her home. We

now have 3 other projects underway, this seems so insignificant with so many homeless but it is as we offer the few loaves and fish we have that God does miracles.

Missionaries sent out

Praise God that the shift we as a community have been praying for for years has started happening: Malawians have started going to the nations! YWAM Blantyre’s very own Raphael and Esther Zamakwecha, together with their two young boys Victory and Favour, have followed God’s call to be missionaries to an unreached tribe in Kenya just 100km south of Somalia, as close to this very closed country as possible bringing the gospel to an area where it is not being preached. Their faith and persistence through all the obstacles that came their way was incredible to see. We sent them off with a few tears at saying goodbye, but greater excitement at all that God has for them, and all that He will do through them. Please keep praying for the Zamakwechas as they are praying hard for some emergency funds to pay the $450 needed for their final visa process in kenya. If you are interested here is their last newsletter.

Walk through the base classroom and grounds with the Justice DTS

DTS & outreach

Our team did a great job at running this, it was the largest and hardest we have run but the greatest changes in student’s lives that we have seen so far. Here is an excerpt from what Emma and Calen who were part of leading the DTS said about how it went.

“The heart-stretching, faith-deepening, life-building, energy-consuming journey of DTS is over for another year! In many ways it feels as though we have just finished a marathon… or maybe five or six marathons in a row. But what an incredible journey it was! The eight weeks of outreach and two weeks of debrief (one with students, one with staff) went really well. All four of our outreach teams came back with powerful testimonies of seeing God move, of personal growth, of challenges, and of lives touched. Calen and I were able to travel around Malawi and spend time with each team, encouraging them, helping to sort through difficulties, and enjoying the rawness of outreach. Let me share some joys from outreach with you: being in Mwanza when the team gave a human trafficking prevention presentation to a group of chiefs representing over 50,000 people. Seeing strong

cross-cultural friendships developing. Listening to students speak about God with passion and excitement. Hearing about amazing physical healings that happened when some students prayed – like a large goiter on a woman’s neck disappearing, and a man gaining back his sight, and a woman who hadn’t been able to walk for two years being able to walk again – praise God. Having the chance to encourage the Malawian couple who were students on the DTS in their marriage, and witnessing”

life with the 2014-15 Justice Discipleship Training School

Disasters and breakthroughs in Mankhamba

Mankhamba is our Youth, HIV & farming outreach centre far out in the mountains. Disaster struck! the roof blew off in a large wind and bent all the metal sheets. Walls fell and only one end that we had afforded to plaster was left standing. We were despairing as to what to do, but as we prayed God sent Frank – a South African farming ‘trainer’ who connected and asked to move to Mankhamba and to be part of our team here. This will transform the work as he lives and leads bibles studies and started training to help break poverty through appropriate farming techniques. Praise God we have even managed to scrape the funding together to start rebuilding half of the centre where Frank will soon be moving from the rented house in the village where he now is.

Charles Wilson enjoying life

YWAM Blantyre staff news

Our community of young people are starting to mature, first so many marriages then babies and soon more babies to come. Now some of the singles are setting off for training and serving in other teams. Charles Wilson is on an epic drive through 5 nations from Malawi to kenya with a DTS team called the Epic DTS, he will be back in June/july and is greatly missed. Felix is now studying for 6 months biblical studies course in Tanzania Arusha YWAM Base, he has a gift for study so we know he will get so much out of it as he reads many books in depth. Dina has applies to a YWAM midwife school in Australia, pray she get visa please. More courses are planned as we encourage staff to take 3 month to study each or every other year as part of their lifestyle of learning and missions.

First property loan paid

God did it! $35,000 usd paid off in the first year, we are amazed that this has happened. The target of $35,000 in a year at the same time as finding funding for the building that we had to have to be able to live on the property, well it seemed impossible. But we are now looking back at this miracle of provision, and so much of it came from the staff, they have given sacrificially, many from their lack, but with a heart of generosity and faith. That it was our staff that partnered together with God to see this happen is what gets me excited and what has united us even more as a team. We still have another $50,000 to pay in the next 2 years. We know that God did it before and he will did it again! Please pray if God wants to use you to help make this final payment on the YWAM base that will serve as a prayer and missions training and sending base for generations to come. Stand with us please, by giving and praying!

Building work phase 1 finished

After the DTS the builders came back to finish the snagging which is the areas that had broken because they had not been done it right. We ripped up the main eating hall floor and put down funky yellow and red cement tiles as the big floor panel had cracked all over in the top layer. Sheila’s house also had cracks and she decided to put down beautiful tiles which has really lifted the look of her house and made it a home worthy of a beautify lady. Drains were installed all around the main building, and we put gravel down on the mud driveway, as the torrential rains were causing damp to rise and massive soil erosion. As an added extra we put in ceilings into the main eating hall and this keeps a lot of the radiant heat away on the sunny days. Sadly the main tent where we hold big meetings fell in the rains and storms, it is beyond repair and we will have to replace or build a new DTS class room before the next DTS that start August 28th 2015. Pray for Gods provision for this and me for strength to run another build just after I get back from the UK in June.

a very quick walk through the YWAM Blantyre new property
YWAM staff in the base kitchen
Godfrey & Tabeas Wedding

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