End bible poverty app

b4cebe1a-7b12-4aec-b352-d842feb1a1e3.pngThis is the mock up of the front cover and 1st page of the new marks gospel in ChichewaWe will soon have an app version of the new Chichewa bible that can be download onto android devices at http://ww.biblemw.com
This video https://vimeo.com/ shows a simple method of translating scripture aurally for normal people šŸ™‚
Consider signing up to being part of the ending bible poverty now http://endbiblepovertynow.com/9e895869-e0c8-41a6-9eaf-89532ce531c9.jpg

We had a day of prayer and fasting focused on ending bible poverty world wide this month as a base4f8c0f08-a845-44fb-95ba-345e889921dc.pngHere is a video about the languages on earth that still don’t have the word of God and how we can reach them

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