Justice DTS 2015/16 Outreach testimonies and reports


DTS Graduation

In an amazing celebration on the 16th of January our community joyfully graduated all 19 disciples of Jesus who had been through our 5 month training school and sent them back to the 6 nations. Well not all of them- 6 or 7 are joining us on staff in a couple of weeks for their next stage in the adventure of following Jesus where he leads, to Join Holy Spirit demonstrating and releasing the Kings presence and rule on earth. Please keep praying for them all as they are in the midst of their own transitions from intense focused life here, that they would be able to put into practice what God has spoken to them during their time with us. find Information about the next DTS starts sept 1th 2016


Ntaja Outreach

My favorite testimony from this outreach was of a Muslim village closed to the gospel that became open when they saw a significant healing in their midst. Another Islamic village now hosts a bible study in the chief’s house hosted by his wife while he goes to the mosque. outreach photos


Zambia Outreach

For the non-swimming Malawian team mates, this became a life changing adventure as the 4 hour boat trip across Lake Kariba threatened to take their lives. As a storm approached the two small boats could no longer manage, but they found shelter and waited for calm and a bigger boat before joining a church planting team in this un-reached area where a student from our last DTS has made his mission home. outreach photos


Mankhamba Outreach

After lifts on the backs of bicycles and 2 hours of walking up the mountain, the breakthrough that the team saw here was a manifestation of Christ’s reconciliation as neighboring ladies who had not been speaking after home visits started to come together and the team found gifts of gratitude outside their house each morning. outreach photos


Mulanji Outreach

3 outreach teams went out for 8 weeks, the team under the towering mountain of Mulanji started with a healing crusade where a boy started walking, and had villagers come for 10 days straight for afternoon conferences. A dumb girl who started to speak was baptized with a group on the last day. outreach photos


Phalombe Outreach

Travelling around the back of mount Mulanji on dirt roads, two teams spent 2 weeks each and helped to launch the new Phalombe outreach center that will start in June, fighting their own battles with scores of camel spiders in their accommodation. outreach photos


Zimbabwe Outreach

Each team went to another language group with the Zimbabwe team going to support a pastor in Gweru who wants to start a YWAM base. One of our students was amazed to hear God direct them to go to the police station in this police controlled republic and found an open door and brought an inspector back to join the church membership. outreach photos


Nkhata Bay Outreach

This intrepid team avoided the space cakes in Malawi’s porn, drug and alcohol capitol of Malawi making strong connections with local churches who want us to start a YWAM base here. Some team members love this idea, because of the cakes or beach? outreach photos

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