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End Bible poverty in Malawi Now!


End Bible poverty in Malawi Now!

This week I would like to share with you something that has been keeping me up nights thinking because I am so excited. We have just signed the contract for the first 12,000 Marks gospels in Chichewa with a gospel track on the back, to be printed at the Assemblies of God press here in Blantyre Malawi. The bible has only been available in Chichewa in a full bible and new testament version. Sadly, the cost of the full bible is about 1/3 of a month’s wage for your average Malawian and is way above the price that the poor can afford, people are always asking us for bibles but we also can’t afford to give out the number we are asked for, this is not as it should be! We have been gripped with a vision to make bible poverty history and here in Malawi one of the reason why there is bible poverty is because people are too poor to buy the expensive bibles that are available. Those who have the copyright over the Chichewa bible are not printing in potions only full bibles at a high price. These new marks gospels are a new translation we have corrected and printed they will cost 16p a copy and we will start by distributing to every home in the villages surrounding the base. We will then start to give them out to every person who commits to Jesus at one of our open air evangelism crusades and those who we meet when we go door to door as we go to heal the sick and encourage people. It is costing about £2000 for the first 12,000 copies and we already have £1500 given, we know we will have the rest as God will provide the balance we must pay and more for the next print, the next translation and the next audio units we will be giving out to the illiterate. Our eyes are opening to the need for the bible here, we would love to have enough copies to distribute to every home in Malawi. We don’t just want to tackle bible poverty in Malawi, we feel God is maybe stirring us to go to another nation for a short outreach to translate an oral version of two gospels for a tribe that has no bible at all in their heart language at the moment. This movement of ending bible poverty is growing in momentum in us and around the world. Please hold us up in your prayers as we start to step forward and add this exciting area to the work we do.

End bible poverty app

b4cebe1a-7b12-4aec-b352-d842feb1a1e3.pngThis is the mock up of the front cover and 1st page of the new marks gospel in ChichewaWe will soon have an app version of the new Chichewa bible that can be download onto android devices at
This video shows a simple method of translating scripture aurally for normal people 🙂
Consider signing up to being part of the ending bible poverty now

We had a day of prayer and fasting focused on ending bible poverty world wide this month as a base4f8c0f08-a845-44fb-95ba-345e889921dc.pngHere is a video about the languages on earth that still don’t have the word of God and how we can reach them

Faith to build the prayer house?

Faith to build the prayer house? we came back from the UK we, and 4 staff returning from missions or in the base, said they all felt like we should build a prayer house. So, with enough money to start but not finish we have stepped out in faith again praise God! It’s a house just to talk to God alone, not for teaching, not for meetings, not even prayer meetings when we talk to each other, we want this prayer house to be for seeking God alone, a place set aside for him, His space, His heart His vision. I love stepping out in faith when I know He’s leading, We’re confident this is Him and so though our building fund is now in the negative He will provide! To do a thing when you have confidence because you have the substance needed is short of faith where God is calling us, to walk by faith but not by sight. I love to feel- the excitement of God’s Word in me that He has spoken a thing that will happen and my will responds to step out trusting Him that I have the substance because we have what He has said. I find I can’t walk by faith if all I look at is the red sea full of water in front of me, my bank account rapidly emptying of cash, I can’t step out in faith. The gift of faith that God can give us- what I taste again as I share this with you- faith that ushers me into the excitement of meeting with God on my knees in His house, seeing the staff and students walking out with tears in their eyes and glory in their hearts after an hour with their lovely Savior. A new presence and God centered ministry flowing out of what has now developed into a two story prayer tower of encounter. I can feel the fear and self-criticism as I let my mind dwell too long on how my own finances will leave a prayer tower unfinished- the scripture ringing in my ears from Luke 14:28-30 28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, does not sit down first and count the cost, whether he has enough to finish it— 29 lest, after he has laid the, and is not able to finish, all who see it begin to mock him, 30 saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish’? But then faith obliterates fear as I know that we do not labor in vain when the builder and maker is God, that my end, my limit, my lack is where His miracle will manifest and when it does the glory goes to Him because it was not built because of our riches but because of obedience to step out and walk an unknown path where He leads us. write this for two reasons, firstly as I feel God’s encouragement to share the process of our faith walk with friends and family, sharing the battles and struggles of developing 3 other outreach centers and two building projects on site, developing a team and paying off the last of our property loan this year. We want to do this so that we can Praise God together when He does it, we want you to be more connected- more invested on a heart level with the amazing breakthroughs that He brings because you have maybe tasted of the process of faith. Secondly we believe that God is calling others to step out in faith- to not look a your substance and ability when you make a decision and choose to step out, but to look at His infinite substance and ability in you. To take time to dig deep in the place of intimacy with Jesus and then when you taste faith, mixed in the whispers of God in your heart and the good desires He is growing there, to step out and start to build your tower of faith on the rock of His Word.

Justice DTS 2015/16 Outreach testimonies and reports


DTS Graduation

In an amazing celebration on the 16th of January our community joyfully graduated all 19 disciples of Jesus who had been through our 5 month training school and sent them back to the 6 nations. Well not all of them- 6 or 7 are joining us on staff in a couple of weeks for their next stage in the adventure of following Jesus where he leads, to Join Holy Spirit demonstrating and releasing the Kings presence and rule on earth. Please keep praying for them all as they are in the midst of their own transitions from intense focused life here, that they would be able to put into practice what God has spoken to them during their time with us. find Information about the next DTS starts sept 1th 2016


Ntaja Outreach

My favorite testimony from this outreach was of a Muslim village closed to the gospel that became open when they saw a significant healing in their midst. Another Islamic village now hosts a bible study in the chief’s house hosted by his wife while he goes to the mosque. outreach photos


Zambia Outreach

For the non-swimming Malawian team mates, this became a life changing adventure as the 4 hour boat trip across Lake Kariba threatened to take their lives. As a storm approached the two small boats could no longer manage, but they found shelter and waited for calm and a bigger boat before joining a church planting team in this un-reached area where a student from our last DTS has made his mission home. outreach photos


Mankhamba Outreach

After lifts on the backs of bicycles and 2 hours of walking up the mountain, the breakthrough that the team saw here was a manifestation of Christ’s reconciliation as neighboring ladies who had not been speaking after home visits started to come together and the team found gifts of gratitude outside their house each morning. outreach photos


Mulanji Outreach

3 outreach teams went out for 8 weeks, the team under the towering mountain of Mulanji started with a healing crusade where a boy started walking, and had villagers come for 10 days straight for afternoon conferences. A dumb girl who started to speak was baptized with a group on the last day. outreach photos


Phalombe Outreach

Travelling around the back of mount Mulanji on dirt roads, two teams spent 2 weeks each and helped to launch the new Phalombe outreach center that will start in June, fighting their own battles with scores of camel spiders in their accommodation. outreach photos


Zimbabwe Outreach

Each team went to another language group with the Zimbabwe team going to support a pastor in Gweru who wants to start a YWAM base. One of our students was amazed to hear God direct them to go to the police station in this police controlled republic and found an open door and brought an inspector back to join the church membership. outreach photos


Nkhata Bay Outreach

This intrepid team avoided the space cakes in Malawi’s porn, drug and alcohol capitol of Malawi making strong connections with local churches who want us to start a YWAM base here. Some team members love this idea, because of the cakes or beach? outreach photos

Regional YWAM meeting in Beira Mozambique


Regional YWAM meeting in Beira Mozambique

For the first time in 6 years the base has been running we all went to the regional conference, well 43 of us did. Crammed into the big red truck and the Scutt’s land cruiser. It was an epic journey right down to the Indian ocean where we met YWAMers from our south central region Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and Zambia. Christoph, our pastor friend from Germany came with us and Holy Spirit came in power. We are excited about how God is going to impact this region as we stand together in the power of God! pictures of the epic trip

Primary School in Chiwiya


Primary School in Chiwiya

The project is slowly moving ahead. We are in the process of applying to the government for a 5 hectare plot of Land to build the school on. The designs are all done now and the team in the UK lead by Ed Ravenhall and Terry Sherman have raised 10% of the funds needed for the building of the school. The village committee is meeting regularly, but we do feel in need of prayer for quick breakthrough over Land, so building can start on schedule later this year, the cogs of government can sometimes move slowly without the oil of the Spirit.

Paying off the property loan is the final year to pay the loan on the property. We have seen God provide more than $170,000 for the purchase and building of the base here, He is so good. We are now stopping building (when God’s prayer house is finished of course) and this year is focused on finishing the payment on the interest free loan. It expires at the end of the year in December and Suzy and I are funneling everything we can possibly spare into paying it of each month while still eating and the like 🙂 We have $40,000 still to pay and we have calculated that at the end of the year we will have brought that down to $24,000 so that’s the miracle we need. Maranatha! pictures of the property and how to invest in the kingdom by giving