New room for more families will soon have 5 families and 7 children on base, praise God! Kids Beth and Ben’s ages from the UK and Malawi. It has brought us into a glorious problem of the need to again expand. The 2 store rooms have been moved and now converted into a 3 room suite that can house another family. Ceilings and plumbing are going in right now. Our next family arrives in March, but I won’t rush the builders as it will be finished and paid for in time. take a walk through and invest in the kingdom by giving

Car port, store rooms or classroom? year our big tent was blown flat by the storm that brought the floods and displaced 200,000 people. So without enough money to build our classroom/ community outreach center yet, we decided to build the store rooms / truck port. It’s a monster of a building 5m tall and 10m x 10m inside half taken by two stories of store rooms, and the other (at the moment the classroom). more pictures

Healing rooms ended 2015 with a bang and a seminar from healing rooms Africa. Please pray as we have been planning and hope to open our gates to a weekly healing room- well healing tent- joining with people from 4 local churches who were also trained. Daniel has been asked to then take on the role of training people for more healing rooms around Malawi. Let the healing rivers flow! Kingdom come here in Blantyre as it is in heaven where there is NO sickness pain or disease!

New staff members joining will have 3 Malawians maybe 4, Annie, Cynthia and Chitani from the last DTS joining us in a week for orientation and preparation for their launch into missions. Chris, Hannah, Caleb and Lily Scutt from the UK have joined us moving into Shyundi cottage where Calen & Emma stayed. Tom & Sarah Hague -another English couple will join us in March after their DTS finishes in South Africa. Frank Kratz is from South Africa and will move to Mankhamba outreach center as soon as the rain stops falling and the road there is dry enough to drive him and his things through to the village!

New outreach center in Phalombe focus of this center will be orphan care church ministry and youth and pastors training we think. This is the heart of Patrick and Dalitso Chipanda who have served with us for 5 years here at the Blantyre base. They are the best of us and we will send out their team of 4 in June. Their house is ½ finished with a miracle needed as normal for the funds to put in windows and doors etc. We will be training them and other staff in base leadership over the next months, it feels like a new challenge for me that I am excited to grow into.

National Leadership Team were pleased to welcome Mike Fred, Patrick Malizani to join the team along with the existing National leadership team, Joseph Chicopa, Patrick Chipanda, Amanda Van Saasan and I. We have a representative of from each geographical location and 3 of us are taking it in turns to represent Malawi in the regional gathering, next meeting Patric C and I will be going.

Translating ‘Is that really you God?’ into Chichewa are in the final months of editing our translation of “Is that really You God?” by Loren Cunningham YWAMs founder. Its one of the most translated books in the world and has made a big impact in releasing waves of young people into missions in many nations on earth. We are now seeking a professional editor for our final edit and then the funds to print the first 500 which is the minimum at the local AOG press. invest in the kingdom by giveing