Our Work

Leading a YWAM Base in Blantyre

Our team doing relief work to orphans in zimbabwe during the political crisis and food shortages

This is our latest assignment from God Blantyre Malawi. It is amazing how strategic this city is, within a days drive you can be deep into 4 nations impacting some of the poorest communities of Southern Africa. We have been placed here by God to plant a prayer and missions community that will host teams from the nations to come and serve the poor to build the Kingdom here on earth. The community will train and disciple the people of Malawi empowering them to take up their role as partners in Gods transformation of this nation and missionaries to the ends of the earth. This community is called to pray, to press into God, to seek God and minister to Him as their primary ministry from which all other ministry will flow. This echoes the value of YWAM to first know God and then make Him known. This community is so small just now, only 3 people and one is under a year old! But there are 2 more on the way soon and many more to come as God builds us and shapes us as a community of people dedicated to loving Him through prayer and worshiping, overflowing into serving the poor, healing the sick and bringing his salvation to the Lost. visit our website at http://www.ywamblantyre.com


The emerging global prayer movement is an unprecedented move of God, In this hour of history a move of God of a scale never heard of before is stirring, the church is waking up, around the globe the church is starting to pray like it has never prayed before. Jesus said “My house shall be called a house of prayer”, What He meant when He said this was that before He returned, His spiritual house, us, His church would have a name for itself as a church that prays. Historically prayer movements that went night and day were uncommon, when they did burn night and day, then missions movements of salvation and transformation were released. Today for the first time in history it is common to hear of 24/7 prayer moments and there are many houses of prayer now globally. Why has God caused the church to pray like this? When God wants to release revival, He causes His church to lift their voices in prayer, this prayer is what births His fire of Revival. We are part of this move. One of our primary callings is as intercessors, as catalysts in this move of God. He has called us as voices that pray and teach and release the church into their calling, to take up their place of privilege, partnering with Jesus in prayer.

We love to make creative prayer rooms when we teach on intercession

Our calling as leaders in the prayer movement was obviously birthed in the heart of God but really started to operate during times at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City where we also trained. It grew in Eastbourne where we were used to call the town together to unite in prayer for Revival. Then worked with Iris’ house of prayer in Pemba, with the first Joel 2 regional solemn assembly of national repentance and prayer. Now we are based in Blantyre Malawi where we believe God is building a praying community, a prayer house of lives filled with Gods spirit, that we know will be a catalyst in the growth of the prayer movement in this region. A prayer movement that will bring global revival that will usher in the return of Jesus.

Evangelism & Church Planting

New believers flood down to the river where we teach the pastors to baptize them

We are seeing explosions of salvation as we work together with indigenous church planters. God demonstrates in community after community that He can heal the sick and transform lives with His saving love. Thousands of people hungry for God gather for the Jesus movie, and we preach where-ever the crowds come, but our focus is specifically the rural and more remote areas that have not been presented clearly or never been presented with the Gospel. Our focus is not to build a denomination but build the kingdom, so we have forged partnerships with several church movements and after our open air meetings their pastors stay, sometimes along with our visiting teams and draw those who have made a commitment to follow Christ together into a church. Our desire is that every person would hear the gospel and experience its power demonstrated in their lives and so we are training teams and equipping them by building equipment or using Jesus movie kits on lone from campus crusade. We love to have visiting teams come and learn how to pray, and preach the gospel to the poor who are so hungry Him. It is so wonderful to see visitors experience God using them to heal the sickness and deliver those who are oppressed. In some meetings we have seen God heal every person, God keeps demonstrating that His good news is true!

A visiting DTS student stands atop our car with 2 thousand people gathered to hear the gospel after a football match

Famine Relief & Community Development

all smiles as this orphan receives maize for her and her surrogate family

Loading our rented truck with maize for widows & orphans

When I was hungry you fed me God not only wants all to be saved and none to be lost, but also He desires that all would be fed and non would starve. Gods passion has broken in upon us again and again, He interrupts our lives with increasing frequency to invite us to be his donkeys carrying food to the hungry, the widow, the orphans. Our vision is development and relief, the poorest nations of the world need both, a fish for today and a fishing rod for tomorrow. We are committed to implementing development strategies that empower people to help themselves. Our focus tends towards appropriate technologies like low cost well drilling, small loans to start businesses and funding children’s education. Our belief is that it is always best to tackle the roots of poverty. But again and again God shows us people who are starving and we are learning that we must stop for the one He puts in front of us and love and feed them. During the height of the economic crisis in Zimbabwe, He lead us to take a truck across the borders, feeding hundreds of starving children on a daily basis as we seek for ways that they can be empowered and self sufficient in the future. More recently our efforts have been focused in Malawi with a food crisis predicted in the southern regions this year. God says to us again and again “do not forget the poor” and this is exactly what we want to do- demonstrate Gods love to the orphan, the widow and the poor in their time of need. Also we find that this opens such a door to preach the gospel when people see it in action. The gospel in word hand in hand with the gospel in deed.

Discipleship – Pastors & Village training courses

Rural pastors receive bibles in their own language

Pastors sit in small groups to practice communions and marriage at a training seminar

We must raise the standard of discipleship in the villages here in sub saharan Africa. I hate to hear again and again the accusation against the church here that their faith is a mile wide and an inch deep. I find Christians with amazing hearts but no access to resources, because poverty and isolation has/ is trying to rob them of the riches that are their in Christ. Pastors with such passion but no bible and no training. Communities that are hungry for God but the only person who can teach them is the pastor who became that because he was willing and could read. It is very costly to draw together pastors for long training’s in the cities so we go to them with bibles and pastors hand books and resources. Holding training sessions in their different regions of Malawi, Mozambique and soon into Zambia and Zimbabwe. We couple these conferences with high impact evangelism with crowds drawn by sports ministry, football events and children’s programs. In the future we want to bring a cut down version of YWAMs Discipleship Training Schools into the village for 4-6 weeks of intensive teaching. We will update you on the fruit of this project when we have run our first trial.

Fathering Orphans – Supporting those who care.

taking some of the girls at the orphanage out for pink ice cream

The AIDs Pandemic has left millions of children orphaned in sub-Saharan Africa, there are hundreds of thousands in Malawi. We have learned that those hundreds of thousands have names and faces. We can not care for the hundreds of thousands but we can care for the ones Father gives us. What fatherless children need is spiritual fathers and mothers, we have fathers heart in us this is what the bible meant when it said “God puts the fatherless together in families”. Our call is to support orphanages and orphans being cared for in the communities by well wishers. Or great joy is to support African nations who have from the overflow of Christ’s love in

Murals by the DTS students and the first of the new beds

them have taken in orphans but are needing help to care for them. We have a special link with Maoni orphanage in Blantyre where we visit regularly to teach, love, hug and do practical things. Helping renovate the buildings, provide the necessities of lighting, food and also bring some fun with movies & games. Taking visiting teams to be with the children here and at other local orphanages has been such a blessing, they have renovated rooms, danced, built football pitches, playgrounds, painted nails, taught the bible, run fun days and been big brother and sister. We are learning so much about our Father’s love and the spirit of adoption as we pour into them.

School & Children’s Work

The team gets a singing welcome to the school they are visiting

After years of working with Scripture Union as a youth worker and schools evangelist in the uk we have a passion to impact the local schools with the gospel and serve the teachers with this huge task of education. This is mainly done with the help of visiting teams who teach in school lessons, assemblies and draw groups of schools together for sports and evangelistic events. We also act as a channel of blessing providing resources to schools that are desperate for help with basic equipment.

Web & Media Productions – Discipleship Movies

http://www.childrenafrica.org on of the first sites we built

We see God on the move in amazing ways across the earth. In Africa we see His hand powerfully at work. Often the world has no idea about what God is doing because amazing ministries do not have the skills, resources or channels to tell the world what He is doing. We are committed to telling the story of what God is doing among the poor. Being a voice for the poor but also giving a voice to the poor through the use of Media, film and internet websites. Suzy uses the skills she learned in her media degree and by working with london bible college and God TV to produce simple movies that tell about what we are experiencing here. Together we have built basic websites to highlight the ministries we have contact with that we see His fingerprint on. The media page has a couple of short movies and here are links to a few of the websites we have built.

Children in need Africa a great YWAM Worcester ministry in south Africa
Michael’s Children’s Village an Iris Ministries Orphanage in South Africa
Eternal Word Ministries a growing church planting movement in Zimbabwe
Free Worship a  site giving away and teaching on worship in the UK

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