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profile picWe are loving God and living for Him in Southern Africa, being based for the last 10 years in Blantyre Malawi with YWAM (Youth with a mission). We were married in 2005 and have 2 wonderful children, Benjamin and Elisabeth.  As a family we have a strong desire to be passionate lovers of God first and foremost and for the rest of our lives and ministry to submit to this call and be energized by intimacy. We thank God that He placed us together with our perfect match both passionate for Jesus and also excited about serving him in the nations. We have always wanted to be willing to go wherever God wants us but we are blessed to be called here to these amazing, friendly people groups of southern Africa.

We have lived in Africa since 2007 working with YWAM and Iris ministries in Zimbabwe and Mozambique. During these years God revealed to us a little of what His revival fire can do, as we saw Him save, heal and transform thousands of people.

We saw that people in rural villages are desperate for help, desperate for God, but we have glimpsed Gods heart and seen that he is more desperate for these nations, more

preaching zambia

desperate for them than even they are. We are excited to be here to see what that passion of God is going to do in Malawi and this region where we are putting down roots so we can bear fruit.

namib desert

Before settling in Africa two years were spent in training for work in missions with IHOP KC, Equip International, YWAM Worcester and Iris Ministries in Pemba. Before we left to train and serve God oversees we lived in Eastbourne and worship with Shinewater community church, while working for the church of the town with Scripture Union. We moved to Eastbourne from Exeter where Daniel had been saved radically  from a dangerous lifestyle of drugs and extreme sports. Suzy had lived there for a few years studying for her Degree in media and been working as an animator and serving in the local vineyard church. We still have connections to this church where we fell in love but our main sending churches are in our home town Eastbourne where a group of churches from different denominations have united to send us out. We count ourselves blessed to come from such a diverse group of churches from Pentecostals to Salvation Army, from free church to Church of England, from Baptists to community churches. We believe that we are all one body and love to help churches in different regions work together especially in prayer and worship events but also in evangelism and acts of serve to the communities we have been sent to love.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. Hi Daniel and Sooz
    thanks for coming back to testwood and helping me to see my hunger for God.
    God bless you both

  2. Darryl & Mimi Russell says:

    Blessings to you radical laid down lovers of God! It is always good to hear about what He is doing through servants like you, and especially you. We miss you and think often about our adventures in Mozambique together. We are praying for you and know those adventures are not over!

    Looking forward to our sons playing in the African dirt together one day!

    Much Love in Yeshua HaMechiach,

    The Russells

  3. Christa Sorg says:

    Hi my friends,
    och, it is so beautiful to see you guys, even only on photo’s. I’m so happy that soon a little Dugmore will join you. I love this picture Suzy, you and the little one in his little nest. I’m often looking back on our time together last year.
    Great to see how the Lord uses you.
    Much love,

  4. Adrian / Linda Rolfe says:

    Hello you 2 we are still at langney church , you are really special people doing Gods work, cant wait to see or hear from you. Youve inspired us both to work in our community helping the broken, when you prayed with us at church we felt Gods grace run through us , keep inspiring big love from us ps what a little corker well done both see or here from you soon

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