Live God TV at the onething new year conferance

God TV by dugmores.Christmas over here as been busy with Suzy doing cameras at the onething and Daniel doing security. Suzy enjoyed the camera work a lot and ended up doing a lot of live work for God TV, doing live studio, in the main arena of 10 – 11 thousand, doing a moving TV camera and one of the big main stage standing ones. I was so proud of her as she has trained for this for so long at university and then laid it down as the opportunities of camera work at the time were on ungodly TV Soaps that she didn’t feel right to do and later laying down an opportunity at a Christian media company that also wasn’t what God had for her. But out of death comes life in the kingdom of God, this is the work of the cross where we all must die and lay down our lives so we can truly live, She laid down her dreams and let them die. So what a sweet blessing from God a sweet embrace of her heart to be given this to do. and for a camera person live TV with studio is THE biggest buzz and especially as it is the launch of IHOP on live TV a big day and so exciting and wonderful fruit of a life and dreams laid down for the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus. I am very proud of her and thankful to God for such an amazing wife! Thank you Daddy!

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