End Bible poverty in Malawi Now!


End Bible poverty in Malawi Now!

This week I would like to share with you something that has been keeping me up nights thinking because I am so excited. We have just signed the contract for the first 12,000 Marks gospels in Chichewa with a gospel track on the back, to be printed at the Assemblies of God press here in Blantyre Malawi. The bible has only been available in Chichewa in a full bible and new testament version. Sadly, the cost of the full bible is about 1/3 of a month’s wage for your average Malawian and is way above the price that the poor can afford, people are always asking us for bibles but we also can’t afford to give out the number we are asked for, this is not as it should be! We have been gripped with a vision to make bible poverty history and here in Malawi one of the reason why there is bible poverty is because people are too poor to buy the expensive bibles that are available. Those who have the copyright over the Chichewa bible are not printing in potions only full bibles at a high price. These new marks gospels are a new translation we have corrected and printed they will cost 16p a copy and we will start by distributing to every home in the villages surrounding the base. We will then start to give them out to every person who commits to Jesus at one of our open air evangelism crusades and those who we meet when we go door to door as we go to heal the sick and encourage people. It is costing about £2000 for the first 12,000 copies and we already have £1500 given, we know we will have the rest as God will provide the balance we must pay and more for the next print, the next translation and the next audio units we will be giving out to the illiterate. Our eyes are opening to the need for the bible here, we would love to have enough copies to distribute to every home in Malawi. We don’t just want to tackle bible poverty in Malawi, we feel God is maybe stirring us to go to another nation for a short outreach to translate an oral version of two gospels for a tribe that has no bible at all in their heart language at the moment. This movement of ending bible poverty is growing in momentum in us and around the world. Please hold us up in your prayers as we start to step forward and add this exciting area to the work we do.

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